About Us


The Association of Australian Radio Controlled Model Cars Clubs (AARCMCC), was founded to establish a national body to organise the sport of radio controlled car racing within Australia. AARCMCC is composed entirely of affiliated member clubs from all over Australia.

AARCMCC has an international affiliation with the regional RC car racing body, called the Far East Model Car Association (FEMCA). FEMCA is one of four blocks that comprise the International Federation of Model Automobile Racing (IFMAR). AARCMCC is recognised as the Australian national organisation for radio controlled model car racing within Australia.


AARCMCC is organised into three distinct sections. These are Electric Powered (EP), Internal Combustion (IC) and Large Scale (LS). Sections may be divided into Off Road and On Road divisions or as required. Each section and/or division has its own structure as per their general rules. Each Section coordinates State and National Championships as well as National rules and guidelines. An AGM for each section is held annually in conjunction with it's National Championship.


Affiliation with AARCMCC is open to all Remote Controlled Car Clubs within Australia. Affiliation is paid into each section that the Club wishes to affiliate with. Affiliation is important because it allows clubs to contribute to the development of RC car racing. Affiliated clubs are able to submit rule changes, and vote on important matters. Financial Club members of AARCMCC affiliated clubs are considered associate members of AARCMCC and are allowed to compete at National and State Championships. and others AARCMCC sanctioned events.


Click here to view Radio Controlled Car clubs that are affiliated with AARCMCC. Whilst AARCMCC endeavours to keep the list current (last updated 26 February 28, 2018), it is the responsibility of the Club to notify AARCMCC for changes and to keep their club financial.